Token replacement CKEditor plugin

In my current project, I needed a plugin for CKEditor that allowed users to add tokens for replacement in the WYSIWYG editor. The placeholder plugin was close, but there was no way to configure the token string (it uses [[token]] and I needed ${token}), and it would require that users type in the token, rather than selecting from a predetermined list.

My weapon of choice: jEdit

jEdit is by far my favorite developer tool. I have tried every text editor I can get my hands on. Free, commercial, I've tried it all. Of course, I'm only looking at Mac compatible editors, since I'm usually coding on my MacBook Pro. I've been using jEdit on and off for years, first on Windows, then on Mac and Linux. There are always a few little things that bug me about it, so whenever I see another editor pop up, I try it out. Some have been close, but so far I've always come back to jEdit.

Here are some of the editors/IDEs I have tried: