Token replacement CKEditor plugin

In my current project, I needed a plugin for CKEditor that allowed users to add tokens for replacement in the WYSIWYG editor. The placeholder plugin was close, but there was no way to configure the token string (it uses [[token]] and I needed ${token}), and it would require that users type in the token, rather than selecting from a predetermined list.

Making the Workmate 1000 usable

I bought a Workmate 1000 because the reviews were more favorable than the other Workmate benches, and the other portable benches didn't fare a whole lot better.

The main complaint I saw, and that I ended up experiencing firsthand, is that the bolts that hold down the moving part of the table screw into plastic, and they strip very easily. If you try to tighten things in the table with some force, they will start pulling out eventually. It didn't take very long in my case.

My new home

Welcome to my new home on the web. I was using a free Wordpress account at, but I prefer Drupal, and I had some hosting space, anyway. I've copied over all of the entries from the old website, but I'll leave the old site for now, in case people are looking for any of the comments.

Cloning a Failing Bootcamp-enabled Hard Drive

One of the first things I did when I got my new MacBook Pro was replace the hard drive with a larger, faster drive. I ended up with a Seagate 7200.4 500 GB (ST9500420AS). I hadn't had any problems with it, and it got hit pretty hard throughout the course of a week. I partitioned it as ~427 GB for Mac OS X and ~72 GB for Windows 7 Pro. The Windows 7 install is primarily for gaming, with some Windows 7 cross platform testing thrown in.

My weapon of choice: jEdit

jEdit is by far my favorite developer tool. I have tried every text editor I can get my hands on. Free, commercial, I've tried it all. Of course, I'm only looking at Mac compatible editors, since I'm usually coding on my MacBook Pro. I've been using jEdit on and off for years, first on Windows, then on Mac and Linux. There are always a few little things that bug me about it, so whenever I see another editor pop up, I try it out. Some have been close, but so far I've always come back to jEdit.

Here are some of the editors/IDEs I have tried:

How (not?) to create a large, expandable storage/backup server

Backup to tape sucks. That's why we started looking at large NAS devices to be able to back up all of our data to disk. It would be much easier and faster than our current tape jukeboxes that consistantly have hardware issues, or have tapes failing, or run out of room. The problem is, we have a lot of data, and we'd like to be able to keep a few versions of said data. We also have been burned enough times by RAID 5 that we wanted something more redundant. And, to top it all off, we're on a budget. So here's a basic rundown of our requirements: